Note from Ron Iannone, Producer:


Up to a few months ago, I was enjoying my freedom to write and paint on my own schedule.  But all of that changed when I got a call from a friend saying the Broadway production of Mamma Mia! is now available for licensing.  At first, I thought about West Virginia Public Theatre producing it, but they are already busy doing some fine things for their students. 


Eventually, after much soul-searching, I decided to spearhead the production of the musical myself.  It’s too good of a show-with great, joyful music, singing, and dancing-to pass up.  More than ever, we need this show to give us joy in the midst of the troubled world in which we live.  As many of you know in 1985, I founded The Lakeview Theatre which eventually became The West Virginia Public Theatre. When I changed the name from Lakeview Theatre, I really wanted to call it the “People’s Theatre” but the name was considered too politically associated with world events at the time. I believe the theatre should be entertainment for all people and that should be its focus. Mamma Mia! is exactly that type of show with ABBA’s music and a terrific feel good story.  Personally, I have also missed the people and excitement of putting on Broadway shows.  In short, I love producing shows.  So here I go again!


Mamma Mia!  will be presented at the Metropolitan Theatre in Morgantown, WV from July 31st to August 4th.


The quality of Broadway shows we presented over the years like South Pacific, 42nd Street, West Side Story and so many others are a source of great pride to me and my family.  In fact, we presented over 220 shows, mostly musicals.  I was blessed to have worked with so many great and talented artists, many of whom came to me from successful Broadway careers and many went on to successful careers in the industry.(It’s difficult to find a show on Broadway that doesn’t have alumni of my productions listed in the program) It has always been my mission to bring this quality of entertainment to the people of our region.